Child Care and Adult Care Food Program

What Parents Should Know About the Benefits of the
Child Care Food Program

The child care facility you have chosen may participate or be eligible to participate in the Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). The main goal of this program is to insure that children in participating family child care homes receive healthful meals and snacks and child care providers receive training in nutrition. Children and providers learn about food and healthy eating. Nutrition is an important part of good child care and a healthy lifestyle. All children need well-planned meals and snacks that provide a variety of foods and the nutrients needed for good health and energy. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), through the Oregon Department of Education, helps child care providers pay for meals and snacks that meet nutrition requirements for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and snacks. A meal pattern outlines the kinds and amounts of foods that must be served. Training and educational programs are also offered to child care providers that participate on the CACFP.

Child Care facilities on this program:

· Care about good nutrition for children
· Plan nutritious meals and snacks
· Help children learn and feel positive about food and eating

You should also know that:

· Your child care provider may ask you to complete certain forms required by CACFP

· Special arrangements can be made for meals and snacks at child care for children with special nutrition needs

· To help manage the program better, you may be contacted at some time and asked about the type of meals  and how many of them that your child receives while in care. Verification of days in care are also asked. These parent surveys will be conducted by phone calls or form letters for you to fill out and return · You can contact our office by phone or email with any questions you have about the Child Care Food Program



This institution is an equal opportunity provider


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