Provider Resources

  Important Links:
  Oregon Department of Education: Early Learning Division

  Become a provider

  Central Background Registry

  Oregon Department of Human Services

Information for providers:

  Central Coordination of Childcare Resource & Referral

  Oregon Center for Career Development

  Inclusive Child Care Program: Help with supports and accommodations in child care.

  MERIT: Explore and Define Your Business, Launch Your Business & Grow Your Business  

  Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub

  Yamhill COunty Care Organization/Yamhill Early Learning Hub

  Child Care Resource & Referral Facebook Page

  Oregon Family Child Care Network Facebook Page

  SPARK: Ready to get Started?


  Children's Institute

  Marion County Health Department

  Polk County Health Department

  Yamhill County Public Health

  Healthy Kids


  National Women's Law Center

  Poison Prevention Resources

  Child Care Professional Business Forms:

Accident, Injury and Illness Report
Authorization to Transport 
Behavior Report Form
Child Information Form
Child Safety
Contract and Agreement
Daily Schedule 
Discipline Policies
Emergency Contact Information
Emergency Medical 
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Interview Questions for the Home Provider
Interview Questions for the Home Provider Option 2
Parent Provider Contract
Part Time Child Care Contract
Reference Form 
Tax Credit Information
Termination Agreement
Workers or Children With Disabilities

Toxic Plants
Toxic Plants - Mild
Toxic Plants - Extreme
NON-Toxic Plants

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