Setting the Stage for Success

Welcome to Community Action Head Start!  We are here to help you every step of the way to see your child grow and develop.  Getting your child off to a good start takes time, effort, and planning.  We believe that everyone has individual worth and that the quality of one's life can be improved if opportunities for growth and development are met with a positive, well defined base.

Pre-School/EHS/CCP Flyers


Parent Resources
Stay active and involved in your child's school life - Attend school meetings. Go to parent-teacher conferences. When you meet the teacher, tell him/her something positive about your child and the teacher. You are giving the teacher a clue to your child's personality and are making a favorable contact with the teacher.

Read all materials that come home from school - Often changes in routine, field trips, notes on your child's progress and health alerts are listed in school notes. Keep informed - Keep in touch.

Read to your child at least for a few minutes each day - Make reading a part of your home life.

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